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May 13, 2019
Full time
Systems Librarian
Ottawa, Canada
May 8, 2019
Full time
Library Science (Systems) Full-time probationary (Tenure Track)
Culver City, CA
May 3, 2019
Full time
Coordinator, Web Services & Library Technology
Montreal, Quebec
May 1, 2019
Full time
Systems and Collection Management Librarian
Lynchburg, VA
March 27, 2019
Full time
Digital Resources Management Librarian
Chicago, IL
January 29, 2019
Full time
Head of Digital Scholarship and Technology Services
October 29, 2018
Full time
Web Services and eResources Librarian
Santa Barbara
October 3, 2018
Full time
Head, Library Applications
Bloomington, IN
May 31, 2018
Full time
Technical Services & Systems Librarian
New York, NY
May 23, 2018
Full time
Systems Analyst/Programmer
New York
April 13, 2018
Full time
Web Services and eResources Librarian
Santa Barbara, CA
April 11, 2018
Full time
Librarian (Automation) at GPO
Washington, DC
February 28, 2018
Full time
Director of Library Systems and Electronic Resources Librarian
Springfield, IL
February 22, 2018
Full time
Instructor, Librarian-Systems and Technical Services Tenure-Track
November 28, 2017
Full time
Director of Library Technology Services
Eugene, Oregon
August 14, 2017
Full time
Systems and Information Technology Librarian
New York, New York
August 31, 2016
Full time
Senior Systems Librarian / Technical Lead
New Haven
August 18, 2016
Part time
Part-time Metadata Management Library Assistant
Cambridge, MA
August 12, 2016
Full time
Discovery & Delivery Systems Librarian
March 9, 2016
Full time
Discovery and Delivery Systems Analyst
February 26, 2016
Full time
Systems Specialist/Developer
October 1, 2015
Full time
Senior Library Associate, Systems
New York City
September 10, 2014
Full time
Associate Director of Library Technology and Digital Initiatives
Hamilton, NY
May 1, 2014
Full time
Digital Service Engineer
February 23, 2012
Full time
Web Developer