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July 19, 2018
Full time
Head of Metadata Services
Providence, RI
July 10, 2018
Full time
Assistant Director, Digital Product Strategy
Atlanta, GA
July 9, 2018
Full time
Data Discovery Librarian II
Philadelphia, PA
April 23, 2018
Full time
Head, Budget, Acquisitions and Discovery Services
Richmond, Virginia
January 16, 2018
Full time
Associate University Librarian
Tempe, Arizona
January 10, 2018
Full time
Metadata Librarian
Cincinnati, OH
August 1, 2017
Full time
Metadata Technician
Corvallis, Oregon
July 28, 2017
Full time
Metadata Technologies Program Manager
Cambridge, MA
June 20, 2017
Full time
Head of Digital Programs & Services
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
August 23, 2016
Full time
Head of Collection Management and Technical Services
San Marcos
June 22, 2016
Full time
Web Application Developer
University Park, PA
November 2, 2015
Full time
Digital Library Software Engineer
October 30, 2015
Full time
Software Engineer: Search & Discovery
San Francisco
June 2, 2015
Full time
Head of Collection Services
Lexington city
September 22, 2014
Full time
Library Applications Developer
May 19, 2014
Full time
Library Applications Developer