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Created: January 12, 2021


Libraries today have so much more than just books, but unfortunately a lot of patrons don’t know everything that libraries own and everything that libraries can do for them.  At ByWater Solutions, we are trying to change that by helping to connect patrons to all of the unique content that libraries have, all while creating a modern, user friendly interface that patrons love to use!

ByWater Solutions is a small and close knit group of technology specialists who work in a fast paced and family oriented environment that places a great deal of attention on quality of life and satisfaction with helping set up libraries for success. 

Aspen Discovery is a quickly growing open source discovery layer with strong roots (in development for over 10 years!) and a diverse group of library partners.  We are innovating in a number of areas and are actively working with our partners to constantly improve the software and our implementations, all while providing world class support. Aspen Discovery is a great chance to work on software that can truly make a difference in people’s lives by providing equal access to a wide variety of information to everyone.  

As a developer with our  Aspen Discovery Department you will have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects and challenges. Depending on your past experience, some of the possible areas you might work on include:

  • Tracking issues that libraries find through the code to determine the root cause of their questions. 

  • Building and revising functionality in the Aspen Discovery front end using a combination of PHP, JavaScript, and CSS. 

  • Building and revising functionality in the Aspen Discovery back end using Java, MySQL/MariaDB and Solr.

  • Working on a mobile application for Aspen Discovery using React and PHP. 

  • Investigating performance issues and tuning MySQL/MariaDB. 

  • Deploying code to cloud servers with git and creating processes to make deployments run more efficiently.

  • Performing system updates and tuning of Linux servers.

  • Demonstrating your work to others on the team and to libraries as part of monthly Aspen Gatherings. 

  • Performing code reviews for team members and members of the community. 

  • Working with the Aspen Discovery Team to improve our internal processes. 

  • Helping your team members learn new skills.

  • Participating in the Aspen Community.

We want you to have fun, be challenged, and be able to contribute in several areas from day one. The more areas you are comfortable in the better!

This is a full-time, telecommuting (permanent) position which requires working from home and some travel requirements.  ByWater offers performance bonuses, 401k, medical, great pay, on the job skills training and the chance to work with a talented group of team members.

If this sounds like you send your resume and cover letter to jobs-aspen@bywatersolutions.com


Published: Thursday, January 14, 2021 18:45 UTC

Last updated: Thursday, January 14, 2021 18:45 UTC