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May 7, 2018
Full time
Archivist for Electronic Records and Digital Collections
Muncie, IN
April 2, 2018
Full time
Head of Preservation and Digitization
St. Louis, MO
March 7, 2018
Full time
Digital Collections Librarian
College Park, MD
March 6, 2018
Full time
Digital Collections Librarian
College Park, MD
October 4, 2017
Full time
Project Manager, "Teaching California"
San Francisco, CA
October 3, 2017
Full time
Digital Projects Archivist
Pulllman, Washington
August 23, 2016
Full time
Chief, Digital Collections Management & Services Division
Washington, D.C.
August 12, 2016
Full time
Digital Conversion Specialist
Culpeper County
May 19, 2016
Full time
Director, Special Collections Research Center (Search Reopened)
April 7, 2016
Full time
Blacksburg, VA: Digital Projects Coordinator, Virginia Tech
April 1, 2016
Full time
Digital Projects Coordinator (full time equivalent)
New York City
March 25, 2016
Full time
Digital Project Librarian (Digital Initiatives); Digital Project Librarian (Arts & Archives)
Athens County
March 24, 2016
Photo Digitization Internship
March 7, 2016
Full time
Digitization Project Coordinator (full time equivalent)
New York City
July 18, 2015
Full time
Digital Projects Lab Manager (Librarian)
June 5, 2015
Full time
Digital Resources Coordinator
Lexington, KY
April 22, 2015
Full time
Archives & Emerging Technologies Librarian
January 23, 2015
Full time
Digitization Services Manager
Long Island City
July 25, 2014
Full time
Associate Dean for Technology, Discovery, and Digital Services
State College
June 4, 2014
Full time
Head of Metadata Services
May 21, 2014
Full time
Digital Access and Preservation Archivist
May 9, 2014
Full time
Shared Systems Librarian
Columbia, SC
April 22, 2014
Full time
Media Preservation Librarian, Librarian I
East Lansing
April 18, 2014
Full time
Digital Assets Coordinator
April 11, 2014
Full time
Assistant Director for Digitization, Cataloging & Metadata Education