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February 28, 2018
Full time
Director of Technical Services and Cataloging Librarian
Springfield, IL
February 22, 2018
Full time
Instructor, Librarian-Systems and Technical Services Tenure-Track
February 15, 2018
Full time
Metadata Technical Assistant
February 9, 2018
Full time
Instructor, Librarian-Systems & Technical Services Tenure-Track
North Branch, NJ
February 7, 2018
Full time
Special Collections Metadata and Systems Librarian
San Francisco, CA
January 18, 2018
Full time
Head of Cataloging & Metadata
Williamsburg, VA
January 10, 2018
Full time
Metadata Librarian
Cincinnati, OH
December 18, 2017
Full time
Head, Metadata & Cataloguing Services
Waterloo, Ontario
December 8, 2017
Full time
Metadata Initatives Librarian
Golden, CO
November 16, 2017
Full time
Library Branch/Unit Manager
Albuquerque, NM
October 31, 2017
Full time
Metadata Analyst Librarian
Tallahassee, FL
August 14, 2017
Full time
Cataloging and Metadata Strategies Librarian
Las Vegas, NV
August 7, 2017
PBCore Cataloging Tool Development Contractor
August 4, 2017
Full time
Head of Metadata and Cataloging
Reno, Nevada
July 21, 2017
Full time
Metadata Services Librarian
Charleston, SC
July 21, 2017
Full time
Head, Metadata & Cataloguing Services (re-post)
Waterloo ON
July 7, 2017
Full time
Head, Original Cataloging
Washington, DC
June 14, 2017
Full time
Electronic Resources Librarian and Cataloger (Assistant Librarian)
Logan, UT
May 11, 2017
Full time
E-Resources Technology Specialist
Princeton, NJ
August 23, 2016
Full time
Head of Collection Management and Technical Services
San Marcos
August 2, 2016
Full time
Cataloging & Metadata Librarian (Spanish Language Specialist)
Coral Gables
August 2, 2016
Full time
Metadata & Cataloging Librarian [extended search]
Grand Forks
July 28, 2016
Full time
Technical Services Coordinator (Library)
Des Moines
June 24, 2016
Full time
Cataloger (Librarian 1 or 2)
Santa Rosa
May 25, 2016
Full time
Job Posting: Cataloging and Metadata Services Librarian, Tisch Library, Tufts University