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June 12, 2019
Full time
Head of Data Services
Saint Louis, Missouri
February 12, 2019
Full time
Head, Knowledge Access
New York, New York
January 15, 2019
Full time
Chief Librarian
Los Alamos, New Mexico
January 14, 2019
Full time
Head of User Services/User Experience Librarian
San Marcos, CA
December 19, 2018
Full time
Associate Provost and Director of Armacost Library & Learning Commons
Redlands, CA
March 14, 2018
Full time
Director, Information Technology Services
Durham, NC
March 14, 2018
Full time
Research Data Management Librarian
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
January 16, 2018
Full time
Associate University Librarian
Tempe, Arizona
November 28, 2017
Full time
Director of Library Technology Services
Eugene, Oregon
October 4, 2017
Full time
Scholarly Sharing Strategist
July 28, 2016
Full time
Technical Services Coordinator (Library)
Des Moines
July 11, 2016
Full time
Library Director
July 1, 2016
Full time
Managing Director, Scholars' Lab, University of Virginia Library
May 13, 2016
Full time
Technical Lead, Digital Collections
April 15, 2016
Full time
Library Technology Officer
January 5, 2016
Full time
Senior Software Developer / Analyst (University of Texas Libraries)
August 24, 2015
Full time
Senior engineer
Downtown Oakland
August 19, 2015
Full time
Position Announcement_Director, Library Technology and Digital Strategies, Emory University
August 11, 2015
Full time
University Librarian
July 2, 2015
Full time
Metadata Technologies Program Manager / Harvard Library
Cambridge, MA
April 9, 2015
Full time
Executive Director, Library & Information Technology Association (LITA)
February 12, 2015
Full time
Associate University Librarian - Applications & Development Services
Dunedin NZ