Database Design Analyst

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Created: October 21, 2014


The University of Wyoming seeks a professional data management specialist to address growing research-based data management needs in the earth and environmental sciences at the University of Wyoming. This position will support development, implementation and management of long-term relational databases.The WyCEHG project will initially fund the position then transition it to a permanent position in UW’s Information Technology center where the successful candidate will work with a diverse range of scientists and students from across the University. This position’s primary role and responsibilities will be aimed at developing and maintaining centralized research databases. This responsibility requires the person to work closely with myriad researchers across campuses that are collecting disparate datasets and data types. The University of Wyoming invites diverse applicants to consider our employment opportunities. We are also especially interested in candidates who have experience working with diverse populations and/or diverse initiatives. Essential Duties:  Oversee development and maintenance of relational databases for research interests. Apply basic programming and scripting skills in support of research database management.    Develop and enforce QA/QC protocols for data and metadata that ensure data integrity and conformity with standards defined by project scientists.    Work effectively with scientists, technical staff, and students to facilitate timely and accurate uploading of data and metadata into relevant databases. Assist researchers in performing standard data analyses through the use of complex database queries.

Minimum Qualifications:  Bachelor's Degree and three years of comparable experience as detailed below, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Project management experience;
  • Demonstrated ability to build interpersonal relationships with faculty, library, and technical staff;
  • Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills;
  • Experience designing, building, and managing databases;
  • Demonstrated experience with Oracle, SQL (SQL server, MySQL, Postgres, etc.);
  • Work experience and knowledge of middleware such as PHP, Python, ASP, ColdFusion, C++, Visual Basic etc. used to connect the databases to web applications;
  • A basic knowledge of web application development and experience working with web designers who built web applications for end-users so these data are understandable and can be used by researchers and subject-knowledgeable end-user audiences;
  • Experience with XML used in the development of metadata schemas
  Desired Qualifications
  • An advanced degree in computational science, scientific visualization, science or engineering
  • Experience with a “big data” database such as MongoDB, NoSQL, etc;
  • Demonstrated ability securing funding from federal research programs through proposal preparation
  • Experience working with research faculty to transition small, locally-developed databases such as FileMakerPro, Open-Office, Access, Helix etc., into IT supported, standardized database topologies
  • Experience with the development of middleware
  • Demonstrated entrepreneurial or business administration skills
  • Demonstrated experience working collaboratively within and across institutions;
  • Knowledge of current trends in applied research areas
Required Materials:  Complete on-line application for position 6814, resume, cover letter, and contact information for three work-related references.  In addition to this, please prepare a one-page summary of the role of databases within a research-intensive institution, and highlight how your experience well places you to support that role. Please upload cover letter, resume, and one-page statement as one document.

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