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Created: March 23, 2018


Neil Smalheiser, MD, PhD is looking for a consultant to assist with several ongoing NIH-funded research projects in the fields of text mining, knowledge discovery, and evidence-based medicine (see project website at Candidate should have at least five years' experience of work in programming, databases, and web services (Bachelor's in Computer Science preferred). Will assist in text mining research, write code, run computational jobs, and maintain and improve our databases and web services. He or she will also act as sysadmin to maintain and upgrade our servers. Must be familiar with Linux systems, MySQL, and Apache; should be proficient in Java, Perl and C++ (experience with R or Python are a plus). Must be able to telecommute and work flexible hours (ranging from 10-20 hours per week). Will be paid hourly for consulting services (rate to be negotiated based on experience), and may have the opportunity to be co-author on publications. 

Please submit resume to Dr. Smalheiser at

Last updated: Saturday, March 24, 2018 14:57 UTC