information specialist/programmer/ETL engineer - Urban Informatics Data Facility

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Created: October 26, 2015


 The Center for Urban Science & Program at NYU has established a research data facility to support the empirical study of cities in conjunction with New York based researchers, agencies, and citizens.

OPEN NOW - Applications reviewed on rolling basis

The research information scientist will serve as an information specialist, programmer, and ETL engineer, in order to support the full CUSP data life cycle, including data curation, data ingestion, data discovery, and researcher access.  The research information scientist will be responsible for collecting, developing, collating, archiving and communicating information about research datasets in the CUSP data facility.   In that role, s/he will oversee the metadata management system and design/implement new features or services as needed, which requires strong programming and database skills. S/he will provide programming support to software engineers, in order to adapt in-house data profiling and discovery software to build and update in-house software.   A successful research information scientist candidate will also be able to develop basic and execute complex ETL scripts for data ingest and researcher database development.  This person will lead CUSP’s metadata knowledge management – structural and domain information about data assets. In this role, s/he will communicate with domain experts on NYC and related open data, urban policy research data, and physical measurement data, creating a database to facilitate data discovery beyond the standard laundry list approach.

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