Web Applications Developer

Created: September 11, 2014


The Web Applications Developer works in a team-based environment to implement and advance the Libraries’ data curation services and initiatives. Working as part of the Data Curation Unit and with colleagues across the Libraries, the successful candidate will participate in collaborative web development projects, design and test user interfaces, and create web-based tools and applications for use by the research community at Virginia Tech.
This position will be responsible for:
- Developing and maintaining effective websites, interfaces, applications, visualizations and tools to support research collections adding value to VT researchers’ scholarly communications.
- Leading needs assessment, benchmarking, prototype design, review, troubleshooting, and maintenance of digital research products distributed via the web;
- Participating in unit activities and projects, including collaboration on faculty web-based projects, digital humanities pilot projects and data curation services.
- Assisting with development of sustainable curation practices for web-based research content.

Required Qualifications:
Master’s or other advanced degree, or bachelor’s degree and significant experience equivalent to an advanced degree. Demonstrated evidence in coding and creation of websites. Experience conducting usability testing. Evidence of creativity and innovation. Experience in collaborative, inter-departmental work environments. Excellent analytical, interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills. Demonstrated knowledge of trends in library services, web based communication, user-centered design, and collaborative technologies. Experience working within a content management system. Experience with Javascript and Javascript-based frameworks such as JQuery to improve user experience. Experience with CSS to separate content delivery in HTML from display in CSS.

Preferred Qualifications:
Master’s degree in computer/information science, management information systems, or related field. Strong record of contemporary web practices, including familiarity with content management systems. Familiarity with expressions of linked data and semantic web technologies. Experience with web-based data visualization and text/data mining. Experience with APIs and digital library applications, such as Omeka. Experience working with digital collections. Experience with web-based scripting using PHP, Perl, Ruby, or Python. Experience with model/view/controller (MVC) frameworks, for example Ruby on Rails or Django. Experience working with graphic designers to implement designs and layout using HTML and CSS. Software development experience, for example with version control and functional testing. Experience collaborating with librarians and researchers 

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