Fedora/Hydra Developer, FDA Digital Library of Modeling & Simulation, $90k

Silver Spring, Maryland
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Created: November 28, 2013


Fyi, Hydra Developer position for a new digital library project that my office is spearheading. This is an exciting opportunity for an early-career, 'full stack' developer to work on a cutting-edge, high-profile project with unique digital objects (models, simulations, images, data sets, code, etc.). Please see attached announcement for additional information about the position, including how to apply. - Jessica

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FDA is seeking a software professional with an interest in digital library applications and technology.

Office of Science and Engineering Laboratories Center for Devices and Radiological Health U.S. Food and Drug Administration Silver Spring, MD

This is an interdisciplinary project to develop digital library software to enable management, preservation, and online discovery of scientific data and software. The project will develop the FDA Digital Library of Modeling and Simulation repository. This will involve deployment of a new repository and web application using the Hydra technology stack (http://projecthydra.org), which includes Fedora Commons Repository Software, Ruby on Rails, Java, and SQL. The project will design and implement the architecture, workflows, and applications for the FDA Digital Library. In addition, the project will implement a website to give the scientific community access to material in the FDA Digital Library.

Working closely with the Digital Library team and team leaders, the project will include specifying, documenting and developing the technical architecture of a prototype repository and management system for digital preservation.

Specific duties include:
* Work closely with the FDA team to understand the requirements and develop specifications for the digital library architecture.
* Design and implement a repository infrastructure, using open source software, that supports the ingestion, preservation, and delivery of digital objects (text, xml, images, videos, binary).
* Develop and implement workflows to extract and repurpose metadata and digital objects.
* Customize user interface to open source repository applications for end-user delivery.
* Keep abreast with the digital library software and infrastructure development communities.
* Write and maintain documentation.

To learn more about the project, qualifications needed and how to apply; please see the document attached.


Published: Thursday, November 28, 2013 17:08 UTC

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