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Created: October 2, 2013


As a Librarian in Research Services, Preservation Programs in College Park, MD you will have responsibility for cataloging a collection of historic and modern Hebraic and English library and archival materials, reviewing digitization priorities, tracking and maintaining collection database and developing descriptive metadata to support digitization.  Fluency of Hebrew is required and a basic knowledge of Arabic is also needed.

This position is being filled under a Term Appointment not–to-exceed 13 months.  The appointment may be extended up to a maximum of four years without further competition for the position but is not expected to last beyond 13 months.

Applicants must possess fluency in Hebrew and the ability to translate Hebrew efficiently and thoroughly.  A knowledge of Arabic is also needed.

Whether you are new to the Federal Government or an experienced professional seeking a career change, you can make history at the National Archives.  Our dedicated staff works across a variety of career fields to safeguard the records of the Federal Government - more than 10 billion of them.

Duties include: 

- Serving as an expert or authority in the cataloging of Hebraic and Arabic library and archival materials. 
- Cataloging and providing metadata for Hebraic and Arabic books and documents.
- Developing cataloging goals and policies for the collection project.
- Developing descriptive metadata for digitized materials.
- Reviewing digitization priorities.
- Maintaining the collection database.


All librarians must meet the requirements specified in paragraphs A or B below:

A.  Completion of one full academic year of graduate study in library science in an accredited college or university, in addition to completion of all work required for a bachelor’s degree; Or
B.  A total of at least 5 years of a combination of college-level education, training, and experience.  To qualify on this basis the applicant must establish conclusively that the education, training, and experience provided a knowledge and understanding of the theories, principles, and techniques of professional librarianship; a knowledge of literature resources; and the knowledge and abilities essential for providing effective library and information services.

In addition to the above basic requirements, applicants must have 1 year of experience equivalent to the GS-11 level in the Federal Service.  This experience must have demonstrated the ability to perform, supervise, or direct one or more of the functional areas of work covered by this series; to understand the concepts, theories, new developments, and co-relationship of information in related fields; and to maintain up-to-date information on the state of the art. Specifically experience that has demonstrated the ability to perform, supervise, or direct the cataloging of Hebraic library and archival materials; cataloging and providing metadata for Hebraic books and documents; translating bibliographic data in the collection materials in Hebrew; maintaining and updating a  database and developing metadata to support the digitization process. Applicants must be able to read and/or translate material in Hebrew.  A basic knowledge of Arabic is also needed.


Published: Wednesday, October 2, 2013 00:54 UTC

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