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Created: August 28, 2013


6 month position with potential renewal

The Henry Madden Library seeks a creative and energetic web developer to design, develop, and implement effective websites, interfaces, and tools to enhance and improve the Library's web presence. This position has a six-month fixed term with possible reappointment. 

Reporting to the Head of the Digital Services Division, the library web developer works closely, either remotely or in person, with the Web Innovation Team and a team of content editors to maintain accurate and relevant content across library websites. This includes but is not limited to responsibility for site design, user portals, intranets, mobile frameworks, data collection forms, and analytics.

The successful candidate will have primary responsibility for website building, design, maintenance, and creation of websites and templates using HTML 5/CSS according to design specifications. This position will also be required to complete other web tasks as needed, including cross browser compatibility device testing, 508 compliance testing, and mobile website development.

Required qualifications

• Experience with website design, evaluation, and maintenance
• Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field
• Demonstrated expertise utilizing graphic design in web projects
• Demonstrated proficiency with standards-driven web development utilizing HTML/XML, CSS, and related technologies
• Demonstrated fluency in languages such as Javascript, PHP, Ruby on Rails, etc.
• Working knowledge of Apache, Tomcat or other web server software
• Demonstrated ability to utilize user-centered design methodology, usability principles, and information architecture best practices and principles in designing websites and applications.
• Ability to prioritize and work flexibly in a multiple project environment
• Sound judgment and the ability to handle responsibilities with discretion and independence
• Exceptional oral and written communication skills
• Motivated, professional, collaborative team player, comfortable with leading and executing projects but who is also able to receive constructive input from multiple sources.

Specialized qualifications

• Relevant experience with library website design, evaluation, and maintenance
• Proven ability to program/script in multiple languages

Preferred qualifications

• Familiarity with relational database design and ability to create SQL queries
• Working knowledge of XML and related technologies such as XSLT, XPath, and XQuery
• Demonstrated proficiency with one or more technologies commonly used in digital projects such as database design and development, XML and coding, GIS, data visualization, etc…
• Fluency with UNIX and command-line interfaces, including some light server maintenance and monitoring.
• Experience with PostgreSQL, Oracle, or MySQL
• Experience with a version control system such as Git.
• Experience with integrating GIS information into web pages.

Position responsibilities

Maintain and upgrade web content management system. Design, code, and implement solutions to extend the functionality of the web platform and other library applications. Train appropriate library personnel in maintenance of web content. Utilize best practices in information architecture, user centered design methodology, and usability principles.  Develop visual and interaction design specifications for website standards and application interfaces. Create and document style guides, templates and design rationale. Research, recommend, and implement systems and tools to extend and enhance library users’ experience.  Collaborate with Digital Services Division, other library personnel, and other campus constituents. Review analytics and relevant usability testing data to inform design decisions. Other work as assigned.

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Published: Wednesday, August 28, 2013 16:18 UTC

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