Web Archiving Engineer

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Created: June 4, 2012


Take your IT skills and passion for the web to a role where it will impact on research and learning for generations to come. You’ll not only enjoy working with cutting edge technology, but also have the opportunity to develop expert knowledge in web archiving and display your expertise on an international stage.

Joining the British Library’s web archiving team, you’ll manage and monitor the process of harvesting UK websites, and help build innovative and integrated access systems to make these resources available to our users. This will include the brand new large-scale UK web harvest (under the Legal Deposit Programme) as well as the established ‘selective’ archive, which focuses on those sites are representative of British social history and cultural heritage. You’ll ensure that they are effectively collected and curated, in order to increase their availability and access for users now and in the future. It is also your responsibility to make sure that harvested websites achieve appropriate quality standards and that our web archiving infrastructure operates securely, effectively and efficiently.

A background in archiving is not required for the post – we are looking for enthusiasm and technical ability. You’ll possess good technical, communication and interaction skills. In addition to knowledge of scripting languages and regular expressions, you’ll possess experience of maintaining Apache Webserver and Apache Tomcat on Linux/Unix systems, and managing applications in production environments. You’ll be familiar with SQL-queries, and you’ll understand the advantages and disadvantages of object-orientated languages with reference to at least one mainstream language (e.g. Java).

For informal enquiries please contact Andrew Jackson, Web Archiving Technical Lead on 01937 546602
For more information see: https://gs10.globalsuccessor.com/fe/tpl_britishlibrary01.asp?s=eziKhNSpCaRDiFfRax&jobid=89398,5698547254&key=69968115&c=860286528748&pagestamp=seqmsdilxhrtwdeobc

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