Programmer/Information Technology Professional

East Lansing
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Created: May 24, 2012


Position summary:
Primary focus is to develop and maintain programmatic solutions for the MSU Libraries' public facing Web sites.

Minimum requirements:
Knowledge normally acquired in the first two or three years of college, technical, vocational, or business school such as an associate's degree in computer science, digital media arts, or related fields; one to three years of related and progressively more responsible or expansive work experience programming in a Web-based language (PHP, Rails, JavaScript, etc); experience working with object-oriented programming and design patterns; experience with XML and DOM, including constructing, parsing, and manipulating XML and DOM objects for front-end Web development; experience in database design and using RDBMS to store data; experience with SQL database integration with Web applications; experience developing interactive Web pages with elegant, usable user interface; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Desired qualifications:
A bachelor's degree in computer science, software development, or related fields; ability to organize large programming projects into modular parts and plan for reuse and extension; familiarity with recent Web standards including XHTML, CSS 3, HTML 5, WCAG 2.0, WAI-ARIA; experienced with team use of version control and software configuration management systems; experience in mobile development and form design; ability to communicate directly with clients regarding requirements and expectations; willingness to adopt and maintain existing code-base; possess a drive to learn as necessary to acquire new code-language and technology fluency.

To apply:

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