Archives and Digital Asset Management (ADAM) Specialist

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Created: July 10, 2013


The Archives and Digital Asset Management (ADAM) Specialist is responsible for handling system user (i.e., customer) inquiries, concerns, and questions about the ADAM system. He/She serves as the ADAM system contact for questions about content, access, capabilities, process, etc. This position oversees the uploading of digital assets into the ADAM system environment and ensures legal compliance (e.g., copyright, etc.) paperwork is completed and submitted either manually or electronically. The ADAM Specialist interacts with digital asset vendors and the UPS Information Services (I.S.) department in making system adjustments and ensuring proper storage and maintenance of digital assets. He/She provides basic system usage training, grants user rights (i.e., system access), and develops reports that highlight usage statistics for ADAM department management.

He/She responds to system user requests and provides basic user training to enable internal and external users to use the system efficiently by managing system user rights to ensure compliance with legal standards. The ADAM specialist reports system problems to ADAM management and vendors to ensure uninterrupted system service by educating system users to promote the ADAM sstem as a company-wide asset. He/She oversees system data entry to ensure proper grouping and organization of assets into predetermined data sets in addition to performing routine UPS IS standard system maintenance activities to ensure system integrity and continuous operability.

Other Duties
  • Creates system use statistical analyses (i.e., frequency of use, number of times the system was accessed, return-on-investment [how the system was used], and number of system users) to provide reports for ADAM department management.
  • Collects assets for system ingestion (i.e., uploading of digitized information into the ADAM system) to enhance system development and enable information sharing.
  • Communicates with vendors about asset availability and asset batch uploading to prepare data for the ADAM system.
  • Identifies and records user digital assets needs to promote ADAM system potential and asset availability.
  • Makes new ADAM asset recommendations to department management to continue ADAM system development and create value (i.e., return-on-investment).
  • Reviews and tests metadata (i.e. catalog information) from vendors to ensure word and data accuracy and to ensure descriptions match data and images.
  • Edits and enhances vendor metadata to facilitate better access to system information and to enhance system search capabilities.
  • Alerts system users about new ADAM content to promote ADAM system usage and capabilities.
  • Participates in new metadata standards creation to contribute to metadata dictionary development (i.e., set of rules for legal and industry compliance).
  • Researches archive industry standards with the American Library Association (ALA) and the Society of American Archivists (SAA) to ensure ADAM system parameters are consistent with industry standards.
  • Researches documentation on collections slated for ADAM system ingestion to verify department paperwork authorization is initiated and complies with legal requirements.
  • Pursues data collections authorization documentation to ensure required authorizations are submitted for legal compliance.
  • Ensures uploaded data collections are matched with completed legal paperwork to reduce company liability.
  • Coordinates the location of on-line data authorizations to ensure ADAM system assets are ingested properly and paperwork is on file before information can be accessed.
  • Develops weekly ADAM system activity reports to inform ADAM department management of system problems and new system assets.
  • Implements most current industry data migration system tools to ensure data longevity and maintain industry standards.
  • Communicates with IS staff about ADAM system changes to ensure the ADAM system functions efficiently and harmoniously within the UPS IS environment.
  • Develops asset preservation concerns reports to inform ADAM management and ensure asset protection.
  • Attends ADAM regional and national workshops and conventions to pursue continuing education and keep current with the latest industry trends.
Preferred Competencies
  • Demonstrates basic knowledge of database design principles; identifies users’ requirements and needs with guidance from others; demonstrates a basic understanding of the importance of maintaining and updating databases
  • Identifies the business problem that requires research; identifies sources of information that are relevant to a problem; reviews literature and data related to the research question; summarizes information from data sources
  • Captures/documents specific and accurate information; learns subjects thoroughly and in detail; completes work with thoroughness; supplies appropriate details when requested; maintains organized files
  • Demonstrates a basic knowledge of physical asset management; identifies physical resources to meet business needs; describes the appropriate use of existing physical tools, equipment, and materials
  • Communicates quality assurance methodology and explains desired outcomes of testing; identifies the steps in the project life cycle
  • Generates reports in appropriate format using basic software; reviews reports to ensure accuracy and completeness; identifies some problems with report generation (e.g., missing variables, incorrect data, etc.)
  • Demonstrates a general knowledge of techniques for soliciting and gathering information
  • Able to communicate designed and developed technology solutions and their desired outcome in general terms; expresses the importance of an effective implementation; develops implementation plans
  • Demonstrates a general understanding of technology used by the company; communicates basic technological concepts and terminology; applies standard technology in daily work
  • Identifies internal customers’ needs and vendors to meet those needs; determines costs and benefits to UPS for vendors’ products, commodities or services; creates bid proposals for vendor solicitation; analyzes vendor responses and develops recommendations for award
Minimum Qualifications
  • Microsoft Office products or equivalent software preferred
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred (Library Science)


Published: Wednesday, July 10, 2013 12:14 UTC

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