Digital Production Coordinator

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Created: March 21, 2013


The Digital Production Coordinator works with faculty and staff on digitization projects through the University of Richmond's Library Discovery, Technology, and Publishing department, and leads the daily scanning and photography operations within the department. The Digital Production Coordinator is responsible for the creation of high-quality digital representations of University holdings and other materials for inclusion in digital library collections, faculty publications and presentations, and for classroom use. This role includes digital conversion, hardware and software maintenance and troubleshooting, data quality control, creation and maintenance of production workflows, statistical reporting, and documentation for training, policies, and procedures. The position also administers the creation, management, tracking, and delivery of digital files during the electronic reserve and interlibrary loan processes. The Digital Production Coordinator maintains awareness of standards and best practices for imaging processes, as well as the increasing use of digital materials in teaching and learning in academia, and applies this knowledge to everyday production tasks, and to the planning and development of new projects.


* Thorough knowledge of operating and maintaining digital capture devices, such as scanners and digital cameras
* Thorough knowledge of community-based best practices for digital copy photography, capture, color management, and profiling
* Thorough knowledge of current and emerging standards and best practices for document and media conversion into digital formats
* Thorough knowledge in concepts of production and management of large volumes of digital files
* Thorough knowledge of Microsoft Office applications, Adobe Creative Suite, optical character recognition software, and data management and processing software (oXygen, Subversion, BBEdit, etc.)
* General knowledge of intellectual property rights, and open access trends in academic libraries and higher education
* General knowledge of all aspects of descriptive, administrative, and technical metadata, including Dublin Core, VRA Core, EXIF, IPTC and XMP
* General knowledge of analog formats such as 35mm slides, film negatives, transparencies, prints, etc.
* Strong organizational and time management skills; ability to work under time constraints and to meet regularly recurring deadlines on multiple, concurrent projects
* Evidence of strong analytical problem solving skills, attention to detail, and resultsoriented approaches to complex problems
* Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly, both orally and in writing, about complex, technical processes to non-technical personnel
* Ability to work and learn independently and to initiate necessary work procedures according to guidelines set by the supervisor
* Superior interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a collaborative team environment
* The flexibility and adaptability to work effectively in a dynamic, evolving environment
* Two years of digital production experience preferred
* Bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year college or university.

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