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Charlottesville, VA
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Created: March 14, 2013


 The University of Virginia Library seeks a Senior Software Engineer to serve as senior developer, managing medium-complexity development projects from start to finish.  Responsible for planning, analysis, design, engineering and development.

Qualifications:  Required:  Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science, MIS, Computer Engineering or related disciplines.  Demonstrated project management skills.  Experience developing large or complex software systems.  Advanced knowledge about the requirements and best practices for developing large or complex software systems.  Expert knowledge of established programming procedures and programming language; computer flow-charts and of programming logic and codes; current technological developments/trends in area of expertise; and customer service standards and procedures.  Must be able to create specifications, generate acceptance test requirements, and partition large projects into individual components.  Ability to identify computer problems and coordinate hardware and/or software solutions; implement and troubleshoot programming changes and modifications; write complex technical instructions in the use of programs and/or program modifications; communicate with and interpret the operational requirements of end-users; investigate and analyze information and draw conclusions; and process computer data and format and generate reports; and analyze complex business requirements and technical requests.  Preferred:  Master’s degree in Computer Science, MIS, Computer Engineering or related discipline.  Demonstrated experience in developing and documenting complex Perl, Ruby and/or shell scripts.  Demonstrated experience in developing and documenting C, C++, or Java programs.  Demonstrated experience in Unix systems use and general shell programming.  Demonstrated experience in Java web application development and support (such as Tomcat or JBoss).

To Apply:  Applicants must apply through the University of Virginia online employment website at

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Charlotte Albright

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Published: Thursday, March 14, 2013 21:29 UTC

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