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Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Created: June 18, 2024



The Department of American Indian Studies at the University of Minnesota (UMN) is seeking a temporary project software developer for the Ojibwe People’s Dictionary ( This is an online, searchable, talking dictionary that reaches 50,000 - 60,000 monthly visitors including scholars, Ojibwe community members, and the Minnesota public who benefit from this heritage language. This position supports a one-year project grant focused on enhancing public access, streamlining and speeding the editorial workflow, and creating a new avenue for community-engagement. 

A successful candidate will bring capabilities to best support server-side, client-side, and database tools. Specific programming languages being considered for this project include Python Django and PHP Laravel. Working closely with the Editor and the database designer, the software developer will be responsible for programming back-end editorial software to support the workflow of the dictionary, and developing a front-end interface for a new editorial workflow with Ojibwe community members. Following the Database Master Requirements, the Software Specification Requirements, and database model documentation, the software developer will work with existing staff, student project programmers, and UMN systems to configure and integrate the software with the Dictionary’s redesigned website, MySQL databases, AWS (Amazon Web Service) audio archive repository, and other UMN systems in a manner that employs best practices in coding with a focus on future reproducibility and support for non-developer staff.


Job Responsibilities


Software Development & Support (90%)
  • Lead development, testing and implementation of back-end editorial software for the Ojibwe People’s Dictionary, and the editorial user interface for community collaborative editing.
  • Create readable, testable, and scalable code, following best practices.
  • Integrate the editorial software with MySQL database and redesigned website, configuring access and permission structures for user authorization within the database/software.
  • Integrate the AWS audio and media buckets with the editorial software, database, website, and other in-house applications/systems.
  • Oversee deployment of editorial software, working with project staff to develop test plans for  testing software functionality and data integration. Diagnose and resolve technical issues.
Research Consultation & Support (10%)
  • Collaborate with editor/project manager, database designer, and other programmers in LATIS Research and UMN to evaluate and resolve any issues with software development requirements.
  • Work with project staff to create and ensure completeness of: project technical documentation, and software coding and process documentation, particularly information needed for future reproducibility, reference and training support.


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Nora Livesay
Ojibwe People's Dictionary Editor
Department of American Indian Studies

Digital humanities WordPress Python PHP Linguistics


Published: Friday, June 21, 2024 01:17 UTC

Last updated: Friday, June 21, 2024 01:17 UTC