Director of Education and Georgia Library

Suwanee, GA
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Salary: $94,500 - $110,000
Created: August 30, 2023


The Director for Education and Georgia library, who reports to the Chief Library Officer and collaborates closely with staff at the PA campus and SGA satellite campus libraries, is responsible for leadership and overall management of the GA Suwanee campus library, including space, staff, services, and systems.  

We seek an individual with expertise designing, implementing, and maintaining educational programming in an academic health sciences library b) managing a team of librarians library assistants who also perform these activities, and c) managing a branch library of a multi-campus library system. This person will work under the general direction of the Chief, Library Services Officer and in close collaboration with the Director, Resources Management and the PA Library. This position requires knowledge of medical accreditation, education, clinical practice, biomedical research, technology, scholarly communication, pedagogy, and library systems and management.

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