Social Sciences Data Librarian

Providence, RI
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Salary: Grade 10
Created: February 1, 2023


The Brown University Library is a dynamic center of scholarship and community at the heart of a world-class research university. Supporting and collaborating with a broad and diverse academic constituency, the Library is essential for Brown’s mission “to serve the community, the nation, and the world by discovering, communicating, and preserving knowledge and understanding in a spirit of free inquiry.” Integrating with Brown’s ambitious strategic plans, the Library is a site of innovation that fuels intellectual creativity. Signature Library initiatives include the establishment of the Center for Library Exploration and Research to increase campus and community impact; the Racial Justice Project to assess and counteract the legacies of historical racism in library practice; the Digital Publications Initiative pioneering new approaches to born-digital scholarship; and a revisioned special collections program that is positioning the John Hay Library as a research destination and leader in reparative and community-based collecting. We are seeking outstanding library professionals at all levels of the organization who are excited about advancing academic excellence at the highest level, and who will bring a wide array of backgrounds, experiences, and abilities to a scholarly community that is actively committed to being more diverse and inclusive.

The Brown University Library seeks a collaborative, team-oriented Social Sciences Data Librarian to join the Academic Engagement Department. The Social Sciences Data Librarian will build and strengthen partnerships and related library services in the disciplines of economics, sociology, public policy, and other research areas that rely on numeric, financial, polling, and survey data. This position expands our team of data research specialists that includes expertise in GIS, spatial and demographic data, and data management. The essential functions of this position are to design, deliver, and assess curriculum-aligned educational programming, conduct outreach to data-intensive academic programs and groups, including Economics, Sociology, Public Policy, and related areas, and provide reference and consultative support to students and faculty in domains of responsibility. This support includes using an array of tools and frameworks to create, process, and analyze data. This position will also contribute to a team-based model to support general collection development and research support services in the social sciences and related interdisciplinary programs.

The Social Sciences Data Librarian will develop and share expertise in anti-racist, accessible and inclusive pedagogies and services and are expected to contribute to, and make tangible, the Library’s commitment to the principles and values of diversity, equity, and inclusion through your work and the work of the Library.

This position will report to the Director of Academic Engagement. Collectively, the Academic Engagement department seeks to strengthen academic integration of library research services and programs which enhance Brown’s mission of global excellence in education and research. Academic Engagement Liaisons serve as ambassadors from the Library to the community and are expected to develop systematic observations about what researchers use, how they use it, and how that is changing in order to influence collecting and discovery practices at the Library that are accessible, inclusive, and responsive to evolving needs. This work is rooted in individual commitment to public service and Library-based research and teaching support. It is highly collaborative and Academic Engagement staff work closely with colleagues in the Center for Library Exploration and Research and Scholarly Resources to accomplish this mission.

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