Institutional Repository Lead

Bedford MA, McLean VA
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Salary: 127,500 - $159,500 Annual
Created: December 2, 2022


MITRE is seeking an innovative and collaborative Institutional Repository Lead for the MITRE Product Library Collections, which capture the work of project teams who are working in support of MITRE’s mission: solving problems for a safer world. We are an award-winning enterprise knowledge services team building a bridge to connect MITRE’s technical leaders to the best information from across the corporation. You advance MITRE’s intelligent enterprise strategy by ensuring MITRE’s leading-edge work products are easily and consistently captured, have an effective metadata architecture that supports information re-use and findability in the flow of work, and will be part of a team to define information policy and access control mechanisms to ensure appropriate access to MITRE’s deliverable products.


The MITRE Product Library (MPL) is an enterprise-level system of repositories that house MITRE’s key information assets. Strategically, the role includes managing a major multi-year enhancement and architecture project as the repository moves to the cloud, establishing governance policies and procedures, and directing the efforts of IT architects. Tactically, the role includes working with stakeholders, overseeing data curation, and ensuring effective stewardship of the repositories.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Evaluate the needs of MITRE Product Library users, taking a user-centric approach to requirements and analysis, and recommend options that will support the needs of both our internal publishers and consumers, and the sponsoring organizations
  • Provide a holistic approach to the management and interoperability of data and metadata in all MPL repositories
  • Build and communicate a shared vision that aligns with division, center, and enterprise priorities
  • Organize and structure complex information to help diverse audiences find what they need
  • Generate high-level product strategies as well as practical project steps and considerations to get there


Published: Friday, December 2, 2022 17:25 UTC

Last updated: Friday, December 2, 2022 17:25 UTC