Metadata and Access Services Librarian

Washington, DC (Hybrid)
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Salary: $71,100 - $128,500
Created: October 25, 2022


This entry-level Metadata and Access Services Librarian (part of the Board’s “Knowledge Analyst” job family) will join an experienced, customer-focused team and help ensure that our research community can find and access important resources in a timely and reliable manner. This librarian will support the maintenance of metadata records within the Federal Reserve Board Research Library’s catalog, document repositories, and taxonomies. In addition, they will be responsible for providing access to data and subscription services and items in off-site storage. One exciting upcoming project for this position is assisting with the cleaning of metadata currently stored in legacy systems and its migration to state-of-the-art data catalog and subscription management software solutions. The librarian will also assist with fielding inquiries at the library’s service desk, circulation duties, and act as a back-up to the library’s technician for serials processing and print collection maintenance.

The Board Research Library has 18 staff supporting the research and policy work of more than 400 economists and hundreds of analysts. This position is particularly rewarding because the resources we manage and provide access to resources are used immediately to brief those charting the course of U.S. monetary policy, including Chair Powell, the Board of Governors, and Federal Reserve Bank presidents.


  • Metadata Curation and Maintenance
  • Resource Access and Collection Services  
  • Serials and Periodicals Support


Published: Thursday, October 27, 2022 03:30 UTC

Last updated: Thursday, October 27, 2022 03:30 UTC