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Information Architect Librarian

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Created: July 27, 2022


The Squillo Information Architecture Librarian is responsible for constructing a graph or semantic web standards database (likely in RDF, TypeQL, SPARQL RDFS, OWL, SHACL, or similar) and also creating & maintaining a metadata standard & schema of Cloud Services and SaaS products. Additionally, they will be responsible for constructing or enabling the construction of an automated system to codify the functions of these services into the database. This metadata will be used to help users find and use the right resources for their needs as well as identify redundancies or suitable replacements.

The Squillo Information Architecture Librarian will collaborate with system architects & engineers, IT staff, and vendors to ensure that accurate and up-to-date information is being captured into the database. They will also develop and implement quality control measures to ensure the accuracy of the data. In addition, the Squillo Information Architect Librarian will create documentation and training materials to help engineers & developers understand how to use the schema and data.

This is a highly technical position that requires a deep knowledge of database construction, schema development, ontologies, and taxonomies. The Squillo Information Architecture Librarian also needs to be able to effectively communicate with people from a variety of technical and non-technical backgrounds while being comfortable with eventually advising or constructing a metadata collection team.

This exciting career is a great fit if you are looking to continue your career with a team that is passionate about data, emerging technologies, and categorization as well as a desire to help people find the resources they need. Contact us for more information about this career at Squillo.


  • Applicants must have experience in the construction of either a semantic web standards database or graph database.
  • Applicants should have an advanced understanding of automated collection practices.

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Published: Wednesday, July 27, 2022 20:47 UTC

Last updated: Wednesday, July 27, 2022 20:47 UTC