GIS and Data Instructional Technologist

Wellesley, MA
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Created: July 22, 2022


Wellesley College is hiring a GIS and Data Instructional Technologist to provide high-level support for data-focused research and instruction across the curriculum. This position assists faculty and students using spatial and numeric data to develop and execute classroom assignments and research projects through individual consultations, classroom instruction, and technical workshops. This role supports software such as ArcGIS, QGIS, Google Maps, Stata, and spreadsheets for mapping, data analysis, and data visualization and presentation.

The full GIS and Data Instructional Technologist job posting is available on the Wellesley Careers site

We are actively seeking people who may be interested in this role as part of a deeply merged, highly collaborative team of librarians and instructional technologists. If you love teaching, mapping, data analysis, and visualization alongside enthusiastic colleagues, we'd love you to join our team!

Last updated: Monday, July 25, 2022 00:05 UTC