Digital Developer and Technology Manager

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Salary: $55k +
Created: February 26, 2022


Job Title: Digital Developer and Technology Manager

Works With: Archives Director, Jr Web Developer, Web Designer, Digital Consultant

Reports directly to: Archives Director


Job Overview:  Black Lunch Table is searching for a part time Digital Developer and Technology Manager for our online oral history archive. This position provides direction and oversight for the development of the digital archive structure. As such they work closely with on backend and front-facing website development, assist in coordinating the construction of the digital archive, and contribute to ideation of and planning for the site’s launch and project dissemination. 

Team Management + coordination:

  • Serves as project manager in roll-out and management of new digital archive and website. 

    • Ensure technical development of archives is in communication with broader priorities of organization, BLT’s target user groups 

    • Collaborates with Archives Team to ensure the broader success of digital initiatives. 

    • Consults with Archives Director regularly on web + archive development 

  • Ensure project timeline adheres to grant requirements, in consultation with Archives Director

    • Help coordinate schedules for development workcycles, maintenance, and releases of products with developer and designer

    • Oversight of the Web Designer on : 

      • integration of database and other digital initiatives within the website

      • development of a front-end interface

    • Oversight of the Jr Web Developer on : 

      • developing interface to browse BLT database

      • planning + construction of website infrastructure

    • Collaborate with Digital Consultant, who leads the vision of the archive, on :

      • on developments with OpenRefine + Audio Processing team progress

      • development of digital infrastructure, including linked-data ecosystem

      • API, allowing for automatic use of BLT data

      • ontology that fits new data tags and terms used by BLT

Technological innovation :

  • Monitors trends in emerging technologies and recommends and/or implements new initiatives as appropriate.

    • Stays abreast of trends in Digital Humanities initiatives, user-experience, and digital content management through active participation in local, regional, and national associations, conferences, and relevant listservs. 

    • Serves as a liaison to project colleagues through sharing of relevant information from professional activities.

  • Coordinates design and implementation of new/updated technologies for the digital archive.

  • Deployment of digital humanities technologies and techniques, including social network analysis, HGIS, and topic modeling with BLT data

  • An interface for interactions with “social network” visualizations from D3

Archives Maintenance : 

  • Use data analytics and user feedback to evaluate the effectiveness and accessibility of current user interfaces, and identify opportunities for improvements.

  • Maintenance of GitHub assets

  • Develop strategies for ongoing maintenance and innovation of digital archive in collaboration with the Archives Director – including code review and technical product maintenance.

  • Coordinate with Archives Director on development of best practices for maintenance, improvement, innovation, and dissemination. 

  • Publicize our technical products and work to other organizations, conferences, and communities who are doing work in similar technical Digital Humanities areas

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Demonstrated investment in Black lives, narratives, archives

  • Advanced degree in Digital Humanities, Library and Information Information Science, or other related field required

  • Knowledge of technologies related to archive development in order to oversee the development of the archive + LOD technologies:

    • Demonstrated knowledge of and experience with dynamic delivery of web content, accessibility and internet standards, and interactive web design and underlying architecture.

    • Familiarity with metadata, data transformation and related tools (e.g. OpenRefine, Python), digital asset management, digital repository systems, through real world experience and or relevant degree completion.

    • A demonstrated ability and desire to learn and implement appropriate technologies.

  • Experience in project management, with an emphasis on website management.

    • Experience in work that requires organizational skills including evaluation and assessment; diagnostics and problem solving; independent and collaborative decision making.

    • Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work and interact professionally with a diverse group of individuals in a changing environment.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of archives theories, as well as current practices and trends in digital archives and Digital Humanities

    • Interest in participating in scholarly communications.


We are looking for someone versatile, curious, and able to learn. We are happy to train the right person on archives and library technologies and concepts.

This position is remote and part-time. Pay starts at $55k for ⅔ full-time (our full time is 30 hrs/wk), plus benefits package, depending upon experience. Start date is asap. Position is open until filled.

Email with resume and cover letter to apply.


Published: Saturday, February 26, 2022 17:04 UTC

Last updated: Saturday, February 26, 2022 17:04 UTC