Temporary Remote / Telecommute

Information scientist or Teacher (student)

Anywhere (Europe CET) or Farum, Denmark or Bukarest, Romania
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Created: February 21, 2022


We need a student ca. 8 hours a week to help us tag all our existing Educational material and make it ready for upload to our new TeacherZone platform. Our current platform can be seen here: https://www.shaperobotics.com/teacher_zone/

We need someone who is structured and systematic and takes a pride in going through all the material with equal enthusiasm until the task is done. We imagine that maybe an information scientist student, wanting to become a librarian, could be ideal for the job. Or a STEM/STEAM-focused teacher student. Or something else - we are open to ideas, as long as you are the right person for the job!

The educational material has been made over the years in different formats, such as html, word, powerpoint, videos, images, as well as our own .fab files for Fable Blockly (which is used to program our Educational modular robots for STEAM learning). The new formats for the educational material would primarily be .pdf, .docx, .xml, as well as .fab and videos.

So we would need you to:

  • Go through all our existing educational material and tag it according to a predefined framework. So that our users (teachers) later will be able to filter out educational material on our platform according to which age group of children they are teaching, which subjects and topics, which technological products they are using as their teaching aids, etc.
  • Convert all the outdated material which is in .html or other discontinued formats into acceptable ones, and make it ready for upload to the new TeacherZone Platform.
  • Find missing material, typically suitable thumbnail images for each set of materials (for example: a suitable image to illustrate each lesson and course).

You should be well versed in the Microsoft Office 365 suite, and knowledgeable reg. Dropbox, Vimeo, Youtube, Google meet, MS Teams, etc.

Our educational material is translated into many languages, which all need tagging and format conversion and structuring - but you only need to be well versed in English to do the job.

We have offices in Farum, Denmark (close to Copenhagen) and Bukarest, Romania, but you can also work from home. We expect the vacancy to last until May or June 2022, however with a possibility for extension.

We offer a salary according to the local agreements and regulations.


Published: Monday, February 21, 2022 17:44 UTC

Last updated: Monday, February 21, 2022 17:44 UTC