Systems Engineer

Full time

Created: December 6, 2012
New York City
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Columbia University Libraries seeks a linux systems engineer for our RHEL, CentOS, and Xen VM environment. The systems engineer will, under supervision, assist in designing, developing, installing, securing, documenting, and monitoring our approximately 100 servers and VMs. The systems engineer will install, support, configure, and sometimes extend or modify open-source software such as Nginx, Apache, WordPress, Tomcat, and Blacklight; vendor-supplied software such as Atlassian Jira and Confluence; and in-house applications written by our development teams. The systems engineer will address support requests from both Library developers and general Library staff on these applications.

Required Qualifications:

Bachelor's degree and 2-4 years of relevant experience (or the equivalent combination of education and experience).

In-depth knowledge of Unix/Linux environment. Strong verbal and written communication skills. Knowledge of programming principles and at least one higher-level programming language. Must be able to balance priorities and meet deadlines on multiple task

Preferred Qualifications:

Experience with MySQL, virtualization with Xen, RHEL/CentOS, configuration management systems, storage/backup management.

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Xen WordPress Solr Red Hat Linux Nginx MySQL GNU/Linux CentOS blacklight Atlassian Confluence


Published: Thursday, December 6, 2012 00:04 UTC