Digital Experience Manager

La Jolla, CA
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Salary: $6,575.00 - $10,783.33/Month
Created: November 12, 2020


The Digital Experience Manager supervises, trains, and recruits staff in support of Digital Services for the UC San Diego Library. Digital Experience, also known as DX, is the Technology and Digital Experience (TDX) customers’ holistic digital perception of their experience with the Library. This position will ensure the quality of all digital interactions TDX has with its customers, inside the Library and on our various platforms. The Digital Experience Manager will be responsible for identifying, measuring, and improving our customers’ perception and experience, as great customer experience is the key to TDX’s success. This position serves to direct and organize project teams to provide a bridge between customer needs and highly technical groups, partners, and vendors. These duties must be accomplished with a high degree of tact, diplomacy, and a strong service focus.

The Digital Experience purview includes providing strategic direction for the implementation of user-focused digital technologies, service integration, and tools in support of Library activities. Additional services include software/contract renewal, asset/budget management, and Library Services Platform oversight. This includes identification and review of new and innovative technologies for potential adoption and continual assessment of the digital service needs of the Library. The Digital Experience Manager, in conjunction with the other TDX Managers, works to deliver a digital platform/experience that facilitates user access to information and services in support of the university’s core mission: teaching and research activities.

This position works closely with Library Program Directors and other internal and campus stakeholders to develop and maintain world-class technology and digital experience services for students, faculty, and staff at UC San Diego. The Digital Experience Manager represents TDX on internal and campus-wide projects and committees that require service-focused technical direction. This role promotes and maintains relationships between UC San Diego Library resources and external collaborators (e.g., academic partners, vendors, researchers, and key campus ITS contacts). This position will be responsible for partnering with stakeholders throughout the Library and discussing technology and digital experience products and services that have strategic value to their programs and the Library as a whole.

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