Descriptive Services Manager for Digital Processes

Stanford, CA
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Created: July 25, 2020


The Descriptive Services Manager for Digital Processes leads the description needs of materials as they are identified and prepared for digitization and of born digital materials. Managing a team of archival staff, the successful candidate will work to encourage collaboration across descriptive practice in the Library & Archives as an active manager, describing and processing materials alongside the team. Manages description of all formats but focuses particularly on born digital materials and the description of archival materials in the context of digital access while also helping to support digital functions in the reading room.

The successful candidate will collaborate closely with the Acquisitions & Appraisal Archivist, to estimate clearly the immediate digital and staff resources needed to acquire, and the long-term processing costs of, proposed, large, born digital acquisitions. Driving the Digital First/Virtual Library Initiative forward will constitute the primary responsibility of this position through collaboration with the Digital Services Manager and the Public Services area to ensure that the description aspects, data flow and description QC requirements are met for digital projects and reading room support while working in close partnership with the Descriptive Services Manager for Archival Control to assign the correct language and subject expertise to the processing of all formats.

Last updated: Tuesday, July 28, 2020 20:05 UTC