Digital Repository DevOps Engineer

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Salary: $80,024.80 - $104,626.53
Created: April 14, 2020


This position supports the BPL Digital Repository – a digital asset management system used by Massachusetts libraries, archives, historical societies, and museums – by provisioning and deploying technical infrastructure to support administrative and public-facing applications for managing and disseminating digitized cultural heritage materials. This position will be responsible for implementing continuous integration software, tools, and workflows for application deployment, monitoring hardware resource utilization and security, and creating and maintaining internal documentation.

The successful candidate will collaborate with the Repository Services team to develop and integrate creative new practices and ideas, using open-source software to facilitate an enterprise-level content delivery system to fulfill the information needs of scholars, students, and the public.

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  • Installs, configures, and manages repository systems and software, including Linux-based virtual machines, local and cloud-based storage systems, operating system utilities, and web servers.
  • Develops and maintains continuous integration systems and workflows to deploy application code and dependencies to local and cloud-based virtual machines.
  • Collaborates with content curators, project managers, IT staff, and developers to architect systems and create automated workflows for bringing applications from ideas to development to production status.
  • Extends and enhances digital content and services by developing APIs and other tools to facilitate content ingest, access, and administrative analytics.
  • Implements identity management and authentication policies and procedures for repository applications.
  • Monitors and addresses security vulnerabilities for repository servers and applications.
  • Monitors and fine-tunes server memory and CPU usage for optimal performance and reliability.
  • Implements fixity checking and data backup policies and procedures.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Systems Management, or equivalent from an accredited college or university with a focus on systems design, application development, and data processing.
  • Minimum of 4 years of experience with configuration and deployment of Linux servers (preferably Ubuntu or CentOS) and web application components such as virtual machines, servlet containers, databases, and web servers, preferably on virtualized and/or cloud-computing platforms.
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience working with server/application container platforms such as Docker, Vagrant, or MinIO.
  • Demonstrated experience deploying servers and applications in virtual or cloud-based infrastructure environments such as VMware, AWS, Heroku, Azure, etc.
  • Demonstrated experience using code version control systems, configuration management, and integration/deployment tools such as Git, Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Jenkins, Travis, CircleCI, etc.
  • Demonstrated experience with systems analysis, establishing benchmarks, troubleshooting problems, and adjusting server/network configurations settings related to disk, memory, and CPU utilization.
  • Demonstrated experience with application development in an object-oriented language such as Ruby, Python, or Java.
  • Demonstrated project management experience.
  • Experience with application monitoring frameworks such as PRTG, New Relic, Monit, Nagios, etc.
  • Advanced knowledge of and skills in systems security, detection and prevention, including network and firewall best-practices.


  • Citizenship: Must be a US citizen (we are unfortunately unable to sponsor visas)
  • Residency - Must be a resident of the City of Boston upon the first day of hire.
  • CORI - Must successfully clear a Criminal Offenders Record Information check with the City of Boston.

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