Web Developer - H2O

— Cambridge, Massachusetts
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Created: September 6, 2019


We're hiring a developer to help us radically improve educational resources in the legal field (and beyond).

You'll take the lead in building H2O, our platform for open legal textbooks and other resources. You'll dive right away into ongoing efforts to enhance our annotation and export tools and modernize H2O's frontend. You'll develop new features to help faculty authors make new textbooks and to help students save thousands of dollars every year. When technical issues pop up, you'll get to the bottom of them and own the solution.

This job is open source web application development with an emphasis on usability, accessibility and reliability. You'll spend most of your time working in VueJS, Django, Python and Postgres. The work draws on a mix of technical expertise and calls for versatility, enthusiasm for discovery and learning and a founder-like approach to problem-solving. You can expect to grow in your strengths and competence in this job and to have the support of LIL's close-knit team as we tackle challenges together.

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Published: Friday, September 6, 2019 23:58 UTC

Last updated: Friday, September 6, 2019 23:58 UTC