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Web Software Developer

Boston, MA
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Created: June 26, 2018


Onsite or Remote

Job Description

Reporting to the Director of Technology, the Web Software Developer is responsible for the ongoing development of Berklee Online’s Learning Management System, the Course Content Management System, and other web properties.  This developer will be working on enhancements and improvements to the Berklee Online Learning Management System in support of Berklee’s on-campus program requirements. 

This position requires knowledge of the latest in web standards and tools, to ensure not only timely production of new work, but the long-term performance, stability, and sustainability of systems.  Modern web development changes fast and often, and the developer must stay abreast of these changes, and judiciously separate the trendy from the timely, to apply proven technologies to meet the needs of our students, faculty, and staff.

The Web Software Developer is a full stack programmer, contributing to supporting back end systems as well as user-facing features. They contribute to testing, automation, performance and reliability work as assigned.



  • Builds new features and resolves bugs in the learning management tools and supporting systems
  • Works with lead developers and staff designers to create intuitive, responsive user experiences
  • Participates in testing and quality improvement work
  • Works with a team of developers to participate in peer review, and also architectural and code quality reviews with the lead software architect.


Required Skills

  • Standards based modern Javascript experience
  • Core Javascript best practices (not just jQuery)
  • ES2015+ best practices
  • Proficiency with Ember (preferred) or other comparable Javascript front-end frameworks
  • AJAX fundamentals
  • Proficiency with the MVC design pattern
  • CSS and HTML fundamentals
  • Front-end debugging and troubleshooting
  • Proficiency with SQL databases a plus (PostgreSQL or equivalent)


Required Experience

  • Experience working with a team, and coding to existing architectural patterns and guidelines within current applications.
  • Experience with modern server architectures, such as AWS EC2 or Docker a plus
  • Experience in agile or lean methodologies a plus
  • Experience with Ruby on Rails a plus
  • Experience building Node.js applications



Apply online here: https://berklee.silkroad.com/epostings/index.cfm?fuseaction=app.jobinfo&id=23&jobid=1400&company_id=16215&version=1&source=ONLINE&JobOwner=992812&level=levelid1&levelid1=36350&startflag=2

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