Library Application Developer

Created: October 11, 2017


The University of Wisconsin-Madison General Library System invites applications for the position of Library Application Developer within its Shared Development Group (SDG). This position will work in a team of software developers and server admins on data processing and analytics work, and will bolster our efforts to instrument apps and collect data for assessment.  SDG provides its developers with a balance between individual autonomy to design and build software central to the Libraries' mission and a friendly, good-humored, and supportive network of colleagues across the Library.

The successful candidate will work within the UW Madison General Library System to develop or enhance applications and services integrations. The developer’s responsibilities will also include designing and implementing systems that collect, transform, and provision data in analytics and reporting systems that support library decision-making.  She or he will participate in requirements gathering and application design teams and will contribute to architectural design discussions. The developer will occasionally be called upon to help support and troubleshoot applications running in production.

SDG developers are active participants on a variety of committees, task forces, and project teams both within the Libraries and on campus, and on occasion work with faculty, researchers, and students.

The Libraries at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are dedicated to the practices of social justice, diversity, equality, and respect among our staff, students, collections, and services. We strive to overcome historical and divisive biases in our society and embrace diverse points of view as assets to the fabric of our community. All positions will be called on to contribute to building this environment.

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Bruce Barton
Director of Library Application Development and Discovery Strategy

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Published: Wednesday, October 11, 2017 16:27 UTC