Manager of Application Development & Web Services

San Diego, CA
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Created: July 20, 2017



Under the direction of the ITS Program Director, the Manager of Application Development and Web services leads, directs, and coordinates the Application Development and Web Services unit of the Library Information Technology Services (ITS) Program in the design, development, implementation, configuration, maintenance, delivery, and documentation of UCSD Library software development and web support. In addition, the manager provides leadership and assistance concerning various other Library software systems and web services such as the intranet, public web presence, business systems, Integrated Library System, and campus CMS integration. This position serves as a technical manager and collaborates closely with library stakeholders and business system users, as well as with the ITS Operations Unit and Customer Service Unit members to understand and deliver high quality solutions. The manager works with ITS Operations to design, specify, implement, and maintain a configuration management system that allows for agile development. The manager also coordinates with the broader library community to ensure we are following best practices and methodologies in the library technical and software development disciplines, and to establish new communities and practices as needed.


  • Demonstrated skill in managing technical staff.

  • Critical thinking, persuasion/negotiation, conflict resolution, mentoring and staff development, leadership/management, problem solving, human resources policies and procedures relating to management responsibilities.

  • Verbal and written communication, quantitative abilities, analytical, strong mechanical applications programming systems skills.

  • Demonstrated ability to develop rapport with key personnel, management, and staff in inter-departmental and community collaborative efforts. Ability to demonstrate tact, sensitivity, and diplomacy when representing IT Department in a socio-political environment. Demonstrated strong customer service values.


  • Demonstrated experience with digital library projects, issues and technologies, including RDF triplestores, and common metadata standards.

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