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Created: July 22, 2016


Apply at: https://wgbh.secure.force.com/positiondetail?id=a0jF0000005Xvn3IAC 
Web Developer [Media Library & Archives - Digital Projects] (Boston)
Position Information
Web Developer
Position Type Department
Full Time Media Library & Archives - Digital Projects
Classification Type Full Time Staff
Department Overview
WGBH produces the best and most well-known television, radio and online programs for public media. The WGBH Media Library and Archives preserves and helps re-purpose WGBH creations into the future. The MLA establishes the policies and procedures for the access, acquisition, intellectual control, and preservation of WGBH's physical media and digital production and administrative assets. The MLA also offers production organization of archival materials from projects start up to shut down, research services, rights clearances, and licenses WGBH stock footage.
Position Overview
WGBH is seeking a Ruby on Rails developer to help maintain multiple websites / projects for the Media Library and Archives.
The WGBH Media Library and Archives department utilizes technology including Ruby on Rails, Blacklight, and Apache Solr for its websites.  We deploy code using Github and Amazon EC2 instances. Working closely with the Media Library and Archive's Director, Project Manager, Developer and Systems Analyst the person in this position will further develop and maintain several web properties such as Open Vault (openvalt.wgbh.org) and the American Archive of Public Broadcasting (americanarchive.org). This work will include adding new records and features as these web properties continue to expand.

Ideal candidates should be:
* Comfortable working in teams of 2 to 6, sometimes remotely
* Able to communicate clearly and respectfully to all team members, both technical and non-technical
* Willing to be active participant open-source communities
* Understanding of metadata schemas
* Ability to travel 1-2 times per year to conferences, hackathons and partner meetings

Required skills for all duties include having working knowledge of:
* Ruby >= 2
* Rails >= 4, common conventions, patterns, and best practices how to write and run automated tests for Rails apps using Rspec and Capybara (or equivalent)
* Github
* Amazon Web Services
* CSS3 + HTML5
* XML basics
* working from command line (OS X or Linux)
Other skills required for specific duties include having a working knowledge of, or experience in:
* scss
* j Query
* Twitter Bootstrap
* how REST apis work
* Rails gem patterns
* HTML 5 video players
* ability to write raw SQL

Duties will depend on individual strengths, but may include any of:
* front-end development
* back-end development
* streaming video integration and presentation
* organizing and writing documentation
* usage stats and analysis
* DevOps and deployment
* performance stats, analysis and optimization
* code review using Github
* Agile development using Jira

Bonus skills specific to our projects include experience or familiarity with:
* Blacklight discovery interface
* Solr search indexes
* Hydra Project (Rails Engine)
* Fedora 4.0 open source repository system
* XML, XSL, and manipulating XML with Nokogiri ruby gem
* Rails deployment with Capistrano

Essential Functions:

70% Website development and maintenance
10% Technical documentation
10% Code review
10% Other

Skills Required
To perform the required duties, the Developer must have 2+ years of professional Ruby on Rails experience. Demonstrated interest in library or moving images archives also preferred.
Educational Requirements
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or related field required or sufficient work experience with sample code and references.


Published: Friday, July 22, 2016 14:22 UTC

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