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Created: August 3, 2007


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Dear Colleagues:



The UCLA Library has reopened its search for the Digital Library Programming Team Leader and System Architect (Programmer/Analyst IV) in Library Information Technology. This position leads development of digital asset management systems for all formats, including text, images, audio and video. Salary will be within the range $63,120 - $113,544 per annum


Current development activities include a local system based on Oracle 10g, Java (including Struts, JSP, and JSTL), XML, and related technologies. Systems are being developed to manage digital object ingest and management, web delivery services, digital preservation, and metadata transformations. The Digital Library Architect also leads the development of open source solutions for digital asset management, including a learning object repository based upon DSpace repository software and OAI-based services, including data harvester, data provider, and a service provider. Future projects are anticipated to support learning and research activities across the University.


The Digital Library Architect will be aware of and involved in standards and technologies relating to digital asset management and delivery, Digital Library services, standards for digital asset exchange, and digital technologies that support learning and research. The DL Architect works with staff within the Digital Library Program to set priorities and technical development goals to support local digital library infrastructure needs. The DL Architect also works with other campus groups--such as the Center for the Digital Humanities and Academic Technology Services--on cooperative projects and with the California Digital Library on projects across the University of California system, including data exchange between UCLA and CDL's Digital Preservation Repository.


The DL Architect heads a development team of two full-time programmers, and, as funding permits, one or two additional grant-funded programmers. The DL Architect reports to the Head of Library Information Technology. LIT is a unit of approximately 25 people, responsible for the systems development and operations for all of the Libraries at UCLA. Systems include both custom-built and purchased applications for both web and client server systems. The infrastructure includes approximately 1000 workstations, 65 servers with over 100 terabyte SANs supporting applications used worldwide via the Internet.


This is an unofficial job description. For the official announcement, and to apply for this position, visit: http://www2.library.ucla.edu/about/5363.cfm


For more information about this position contact:


Stephen Schwartz, Head of Library Information Technology shs@library.ucla.edu or Stephen Davison, Head of the UCLA Digital Library Program.



UCLA Digital Library collections website: http://digital.library.ucla.edu




Thank you,



Elizabeth "Lisa" McAulay

Librarian for Digital Collection Development

Digital Library Program

UCLA Library

390 Powell Library Building

Box 957201

Los Angeles, CA 90095-7201

(310) 825-7657

email: emcaulay@library.ucla.edu



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