Senior Grant Program Specialist, National Digital Platform

Washington, D.C.
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Created: April 25, 2016


This is the position of Senior Grant Program Specialist with responsibility for priorities within the national digital platform portfolio development within the Office of Library Services and common applications across the agency.  Incumbent provides expert advice on significant aspects of digital infrastructure, services and policy matters, including issues relating to research, practice, and professional education. 

This includes advising program staff and others on related issues and developments that affect libraries and archives. S/he represents the agency to external constituents, especially libraries, archives, and higher education institutions of library and information science, on issues relating to a national digital platform related to scholarly communications, digital humanities, arts and sciences, open access publishing and digital scholarship.  This includes attending meetings and making presentations about relevant IMLS grants and grant programs including grants for research, practice, and professional education; advising prospective and current IMLS grantees and promoting the role of libraries and archives in providing broad access to digital services and resources.  One in this position serves in the capacity of an expert team member, providing expertise in national digital platform matters in general and in the assigned grant priorities in particular. 

The incumbent serves as a technical advisor for the Office of Library Services in providing leadership in performing or directing advisory and project-oriented assignments, the effect of which is to impact the core program(s) and administrative operations throughout OLS and the success of the agency's mission.  The incumbent has a wide range of existing contacts who work on digital library matters in libraries, and deep knowledge of the existing professional field including relevant initiatives, people and developing areas of interest. One cultivates contacts with representatives of the institutions affected by the National Leadership Grants for Libraries and Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian programs, including but not limited to building a network of relationships that attracts grant applications to address the full range of funding opportunities in the program, recruiting professionals with specialized expertise to review grant applications across the range of funding opportunities in the program, and advising on agency programs.


Published: Monday, April 25, 2016 15:01 UTC

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