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Created: April 20, 2016


 As an experienced Java Developer you help us to share our data via our APIs. After all, what use is data if the machines can’t read it? And we have lots of data (55 million records and counting), so many challenges in search and retrieval and that you’ll love to solve. As well as implementing novel ways of selecting records -- think along the lines of selecting images based on colour or size.

A nice side-effect is that you are contributing to the use and reuse of the wealth of cultural heritage objects available in Europeana's Collections.

About you

You live to code and love to work in an international environment. You get excited about working with big data and applying the latest technologies to tackle the challenges. You believe in the power of open source (you better, as all our work is!).

Your team

You will be part of Europeana’s ten-person Technology team. Seven are focused on development (varying from JavaScript to Ruby and Java), while three ensure the operations, infrastructure and QA run smoothly. But we don’t believe in strict roles, so expect to contribute to (and learn from) all disciplines.  All team members are experienced and don’t shy away from challenges -- or helping each other with them.

Your responsibilities
  • Together with the other API scrum team members you live and breathe APIs: design, development and maintenance.
  • Optimise the search through our dataset of cultural heritage and develop semantic tools and algorithms to serve this data.
  • You work with, and provide advice for, the Product Owner, making sure only the best technical solutions make it to production.
Desired skills and experience
  • Experience  Lots of it. Specifically, at least 5 years of Java software development experience.
  • Hands-on experience of big data. And familiarity with the challenges that it brings. (bonus points for also knowing solutions to those challenges).
  • You are very familiar with the technologies in our Java stack (Spring, Hibernate, JUnit, JMeter) as well as the tools we use (Jenkins, Git, Maven). CI is not an acronym you need to look up.
  • You know what a search engine (Solr and/or ElasticSearch) does -- under the hood.
  • You can tell us the difference between relational databases, document databases and graph databases and where we should be using which.
What we offer

A competitive salary to pay all your bills as well as a holiday allowance and an annual bonus so you’ll have money to spare.  Forty-two (42!) holidays per year. That’s not a typo. You’ll have so many holidays you won’t know where to go next.

A contribution to your pension and travel, because we should be worrying about those things, not you.

A very central location: right next to Den Haag Centraal (that’s in the Netherlands)
Table football table, air hockey, team activities and colleagues who believe going out for drinks is just as important as doing great work.

How to apply

Send your CV (in English) with a covering letter telling us why you’re interested in this position to Please include your GitHub profile or any other public evidence of your work.

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Published: Wednesday, April 20, 2016 14:59 UTC

Last updated: Tuesday, February 28, 2017 23:40 UTC