Silver Springs, NV: Librarian/Archivist, Nevada Automotive Test Center

Silver Springs
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Created: April 7, 2016


Creates and drives the process to research, acquire, catalog, retrieve, and archive technical reports, historical data, and background materials in a modern and efficient manner.  This position requires the maintenance of databases relative to hard copy and electronic material.

Essential Functions:

Catalogs, stores, and retrieves technical reports, documentation, and other reference material in an efficient and effective manner.
Assists Company personnel with research of government and industry resources and Company archives.
Stays abreast of current developments w/ customers, industry, publications on topics of interest.
Selects, orders, catalogs, and classifies special collections of technical books, manufacturers’ catalogs and specifications, periodicals, multimedia material, technical reports, journal reprints, and other materials.
Maintains the library database, including input, modification, and retrieval of cataloging records.
Apply best practices for appraising, processing, describing, and preserving archival material, including digital content.
Establish priorities for collection processing and digitization.
Identify preservation issues and priorities for materials in all formats.
Supports business information needs of organization’s management.
Relates well with employees and customers at all levels and at all times in a professional and personable manner.
Other duties as assigned.

Marginal Functions:

Performs administrative duties, such as project tracking and front office activities, as assigned.
Support special projects and programs as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

Master’s degree in Library Science, with a concentration in archives or special collections preferred.
Two years full-time professional experience working in a library or archives setting.
A working knowledge of principles and procedures of professional library work including methods, practices, and techniques of library classification, cataloging, archiving, and reference services.
Direct experience organizing, cataloging, and managing a high volume of current and historical technical reports.
Experience with office procedures, methods, and computer equipment, including databases, Excel, Word, Lotus, Adobe, and internet research.
Able to demonstrate strong knowledge of English usage, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Experience with proof reading and ascertaining key words within technical reports and documents.
Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Able to maintain high level of confidentiality.
Highly organized.
Flexible and able to handle multiple priorities, with the ability to adjust to high pressure and rapidly changing business conditions.
Able to work in excess of 40 hours per week with varied work shifts.
Must possess or be able to obtain and maintain a valid Nevada Driver’s License.

Preferred Qualifications:

Experience with document conservation.

AAP/EEO Statement

Nevada Automotive Test Center (NATC) values a diverse workforce and as an Equal Opportunity Employer, NATC does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, veteran status, or any other status legally protected by Federal, State, or Local law. NATC assures you that your opportunity with this Company depends solely on your qualifications and other job-related factors.


Published: Thursday, April 7, 2016 04:46 UTC

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