Ithaca, NY: Digital Humanities Librarian, Cornell University

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Created: April 7, 2016


Cornell University Library seeks a collegial, enthusiastic, and enterprising Digital Humanities Librarian skilled at using technology to support interdisciplinary digital projects in a wide array of subject areas, including but not limited to the digital humanities.

The Digital Humanities Librarian will contribute to and provide leadership for a growing dynamic, multifaceted program that addresses the demand for digital scholarship support on campus, primarily in the College of Arts and Sciences. Working with arts, humanities, and social sciences scholars, faculty, and students, the Digital Humanities Librarian will foster successful use and integration of digital approaches to research, teaching, and learning. The librarian will engage deeply with CUL’s Digital Humanities Collaborative, staff in Digital Scholarship and Preservation Services, scholars around campus, the Society for the Humanities, and other campus entities to identify innovative and evolving digital tools and resources that advance scholarly investigation, while building upon the traditional research methodologies in the arts, humanities, and social sciences disciplines.

As a member of the Olin/Uris Research and Learning Services Department, the Digital Humanities Librarian will be a partner and resource person for subject librarians and curators, and a liaison to and collaborator with the Digital Scholarship and Preservation Services unit. The Digital Humanities Librarian will be expected to analyze and understand the campus environment to identify emerging areas of interest. The librarian will have responsibility for providing user-centered services in support of teaching, research, and scholarship. The librarian will participate in RLS’s instruction and workshop program, leading efforts to incorporate digital pedagogies and resources into the program.  The librarian may serve as a liaison to an appropriate discipline, providing research consultations, instruction sessions, and other services, and will approach the delivery of services with creativity and innovation.

The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate a broad understanding of scholarship in the digital environment, and have experience with one or more digital humanities/social sciences methodologies, e.g., text analysis, mining, and/or scholarly encoding, data visualization, social network analysis, and/or digital archives. The candidate will also have experience teaching and/or collaborating with faculty members in the design of courses and curricula employing digital methodologies and engaging in research that extends scholarship into the digital space. The candidate will have a strong grounding in library programs and services, especially those that support teaching and scholarship in the digital environment. The Digital Humanities Librarian will have a history of creating strong collaborative relationships with faculty, students, graduate students, IT stakeholders, and library staff.


Published: Thursday, April 7, 2016 03:59 UTC

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