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Created: February 4, 2016



As part of UCLA’s Centennial, the University has announced a pair of Grand Challenges:  ambitious research projects that connect hundreds of faculty, students, community members and leading experts across every field to solve society’s toughest problems.  The two Grand Challenges are the biggest, most collaborative, and potentially most transformative efforts UCLA has undertaken to date.  The discoveries and scholarship produced are expected to deliver real benefit to California, the nation, and the world.  Other Grand Challenges may be announced in coming months.

The Sustainable LA Grand Challenge seeks to achieve sustainability in energy and water while enhancing ecosystem health in Los Angeles County by 2050.  The Depression Grand Challenge is seeks to understand, prevent and treat the world’s greatest health problem.

In support of these initiatives, the UCLA Library seeks a Grand Challenges Data Administrator (GCDA) to address the data needs and requirements of researchers, students, community groups, and government agencies.


The GCDA collaborates with faculty and researchers to identify datasets for ingest, storage and access throughout the Library’s data repository and archive platforms.  They contribute systems analysis skills and familiarity with the research process to explore, recommend and implement promising models for data exposure, discovery, linking, summarization, visualization, and re-use.  They partner with researchers to assess data needs, develop curation requirements, and devise appropriate workflows and methodologies.  In addition, they develop policies for data access, assure data confidentiality, and implement best practices for data management.  Finally, they provide assistance directly to researchers to ensure that data is well-managed and accessible, and coordinate support activities through campus computing centers, the statistical consulting group, the Library, and the research units themselves.

Job type

This is a 5-year contract position, full-time.


This is a partial list of qualifications.  Please see the listed web site for a full list of qualifications and for additional job details.

• A BS in Computer Science, Information Science or a related field.
• At lesat three years of work experience.
• Advanced knowledge of computer operations and design principles, including web and client/server.
• Knowledge of digital media software tools such as Java, Flash, JQuery, JSON, JSP and PHP.
• Knowledge or common digital media encoding schemes and standards, such as SGML, XML, XML Schema, DOM, MODS, METs and HTML.
• Advanced technical knowledge of common digital media editing, CMS, database and online publishing technologies such as Oracle, MySQL, Fedora, Islandora, Drupal and DuraSpace.
• Ability to write in common scripting languages such as Bash, Perl and Python.
• Advanced knowledge of software design, testing, and documentation.
• Advanced knowledge of development methodologies such as Agile software development, and Scrum.
• Demonstrated experience in project planning and management; ability to prioritize tasks and build project plans with schedules, milestones, budgets and cost models.
• Ability to craft clear and coherent documentation and communications.

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