Information Technology Specialist (Data Management)

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Created: October 16, 2015


The Senior Database Manager directly reports to the Chief Technology Officer, Motion Picture & Broadcasting Recording Sound Division (MBRS). The incumbent develops data management applications and procedures; supports and extends databases to manage the Packard Campus systems; design and maintains databases and tools and utilizing a range of relational databases, post-relational databases, and object-relational database management systems. The incumbent also provides data application programming for creation, discovery and access to audiovisual catalog and inventory records structured according to various data models and across multiple data standards and schemas.

This position is located in the Motion Picture & Broadcasting Recorded Sound (MBRS) Division, Collections and Services Directorate, Library Services.

Performs and oversees the development of applications, tools, and supporting documentation relating to data conversion for the integration of external sources of data into current data stores. Gather requirements for Motion Picture and Broadcasting Recorded Sound Division stakeholders for development of database applications and tools.

Collaborates with staff to provide guidance and instruction on data model implementation and data strategies. Collaborates with internal and external entities to provide consultation and training on data discovery/search strategies; processing and space utilization efficiencies; data security procedures; back up and recovery techniques; and testing techniques.

Develops policy and guidelines for the development of data applications and structures. Conduct performance analysis and optimize configuration of database applications.

Verifies data model integrity and maintains and revises existing models. Ensures that models are capable of responding to changing requirements.

Maintains liaison with other national information services to accrue a broad range of technical information activities that require substantial depth of analysis.


Published: Friday, October 16, 2015 18:42 UTC

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