User Experience Librarian

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Created: October 12, 2015


Working collaboratively in a team-based environment and reporting to the Head, Discovery & Access, the User Experience Librarian leads the exploration into user behaviours, expectations, and needs in evolving academic, technological and information environments, and assesses the impact of user services (technology-based and in-person) on Library users. He or she employs user experience principles and practices when conducting analyses and assessments and participates in the design and development of new user services to ensure initiatives focus on user success and enhancing the user experience. He or she works collaboratively with the other strategic teams in the library to understand the user experience and to ensure that design of services and facilities considers a holistic suite of measures to create useful, usable, desirable, findable, accessible, credible, and valuable user experiences.

The User Experience Librarian will be project lead on investigations into user behaviour and needs,\ working in conjunction with the various strategic teams in the Library, and in consultation with the Head, Discovery and Access. This work primarily involves conducting studies and research into user behaviours, expectations, and needs and making recommendations on the evolution of our  services and facilities, with the primary goal of facilitating the enhancement of user productivity and success by improving the overall user experience. The User Experience Librarian also plans, coordinates, and conducts usability testing to ensure that web-based resources, services, user interfaces, and the built environment of the Library, are usable and\ enhance the user experience. The User Experience Librarian will report on the results of studies, communicate those results to groups, individuals, or functional teams, and assist the appropriate staff in understanding and applying the results of those studies.


Published: Monday, October 12, 2015 17:08 UTC

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