Digital Imaging Technician

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Created: July 2, 2015


Performs document preparation on textual materials to be digitally scanned into electronic formats. Removes staples, flattens, corrects bent corners of document, disassembles materials insuring that the original arrangement and scanning scheme is maintained, and makes photocopies of documents to be scanned. Performs digital scanning on various media including: original, loose, textual records, bound volumes varying in size from ledger (1-1/2" x 17) or smaller to larger oversize volumes, drawings, maps, charts, and printed material operating a high-speed digital scanning device, as well as a low speed flatbed digital scanning device. Performs ongoing checks to verify that image quality is at an acceptable level; performs document preparation and scanning duties as well as other work in support of Digitization Projects.

Performs review/validation of documents that are digitally scanned into electronic formats. This involves reviewing all areas of digital scanning work: image quality, and accuracy of indexed fields. Ensures image quality, and index fields are accurate and at the correct quality level and shares quality and accuracy deficiencies with the Team Lead, Metadata and Indexing Technician, to correct quality and accuracy issues. Using computer software, reviews and verifies that document completion and quality assurance steps are performed accurately and completely by the automated extraction process. Performs document review/validation. Cleans and maintains work areas and ensures that supplies are on hand to perform duties.


Published: Thursday, July 2, 2015 16:00 UTC

Last updated: Tuesday, February 28, 2017 23:41 UTC