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Created: June 30, 2015


The University of Oklahoma Libraries is looking for a Metadata Imagineer. Using analysis and programming skills along with their knowledge of metadata, the Metadata Imagineer will work collaboratively with our metadata creation teams, digital scholarship, research data and other departments as well as the Library and University administration to ensure that the investment made in metadata is exploited fully by: Transforming existing metadata into Library Linked Data and automating the synchronization of that data; Correlating existing metadata with other campus data to enhance the utilization of the library resources through user discovery, access; Use metadata to drive reporting/analysis of collection usage trends; Working to employ linked data strategies; semantic approaches and ontologies while working on initiatives related to the discovery of digital resources; Utilizing bibliometric and altmetric data and algorithms to accurately understand and convey the impact of the publications and research of the faculty and professional staff of the University; Working with new, emerging knowledge networks and mappings to find strong correlations and relationships between accessible data silos that exist in fields of research ranging from humanities to STEM as a foundation for new research, teaching and knowledge; Examining new ways to use data analysis and tools to help accelerate and reform the scholarly peer review processes; Identify, design, and develop schemas, ontologies, taxonomies, vocabularies, etc. for images, sound, video, text, realia, graphics, data, geospatial data, etc. Prototypes and develops automated services and applications for metadata extraction, creation, normalization, analysis, transformation, syndication, and ingest. Other areas of creative exploration will include forging new ground in the areas of automated metadata creation of all types, including descriptive, technical and administrative metadata. Coordinates special projects and performs other duties as assigned. Salary: Negotiable Preferences: Master's degree in information or library science from a program accredited by the American Library Association. Programming experience. Understanding of BibFrame, RDF, concepts. Knowledge of XSLT, Python and JSON. Knowledge of Semantic Web technologies (RDF, RDFS, OWL, SPARQL). Familiarity with semantic web W3C standards and ongoing efforts. Familiarity with repository software technologies, especially Dspace, Fedora Commons and Islandora. Knowledge of preservation standards such as PREMIS. Ability to function in a complex, multi-campus, teaching and research environment. Required Education/Experience: Bachelor's degree in programming, information technology or a related field OR an equivalent combination of education/experience in technology and operations. 18 months experience in a library or information technology organization. Required Skills/Proficiencies: Demonstrable experience in writing computer software. Demonstrable understanding of MARC, MARC-XML, Dublin Core, MODS, METS and RDF. Broad understanding of emerging trends in non-MARC metadata formats, standards and schema. Demonstrable knowledge of VIAF, VIVO, ISNI, ORCID Demonstrated experience with XML. Familiarity with linked data concepts and practices. Facility with selecting and applying controlled vocabularies. Proficient understanding of copyright law, including public domain and CreativeCommons licenses. Excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills; ability to be flexible in a dynamic and changing environment. Ability to work effectively with diverse faculty, students, and staff. Excellent analytic skills, including complex problems solving. Interest in professional development and research. Ability to work independently and collaboratively. Ability to prioritize and balance various unit needs. Actively seek opportunities to serve on selected library committees. Excellent, demonstrable oral and written and communication & presentation skills. Attention to detail. For more details and to submit an application:

This position is posted at as requisition # 22730. An Equal Opportunity Employer


Discussions about this position can be held at ALA-Annual in San Francisco, June 27-29. Contact "carl.grant (at)" if desired.

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