Digital Projects Manager

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Created: June 30, 2015


The Digital Projects Manager (DPM) is responsible for the management of the Research Center’s digital assets and projects and acts as a resource for all MHS programs on digital asset and digital project management.  The DPM ensures both the Research Center and the wider agency are managing digital assets and projects in an efficient and effective manner and acts as a resource for all MHS digital projects.  This position leads efforts to raise awareness of data management and digital preservation issues and works in partnership with other data professionals at the MHS to provide cohesive and complementary services.  The DPM oversees all aspects of digital projects and programs in the Research Center and reports to the Research Center Manager.

  • Data Curation / Management of Digital Collections                                                         
  • Design, develop and implement a digital preservation strategy to ensure the preservation and accessibility of the Research Center’s and the MHS’s permanently valuable born digital and digitized content.
  • Research and be up to date on best practices in digital asset management systems and practices.  Implement changes to ensure best practices are being followed.
  • Grow, enhance and manage a suite of tools and services that promote sustainable and scalable digital collections.
  • Manage hardware and software necessary for digital projects, ensure hardware and software are kept up to date and working efficiently.  Make recommendations for updates to hardware and software.

Digital Project Management                                                                                                     
  • Create and implement policies, procedures, and guidelines for digitization of the Research Center’s physical collections.  Work closely with Research Center Manager and staff to determine priorities for new digital projects.
  • Plan and implement workflows for digital projects, ensuring that best practices and standards are being met for ingesting, storing, and delivering digital assets and their associate metadata.
  • Oversight of the Montana Digital Newspaper Project.  Ensure the MDNP meets grant objectives and goals.   Oversee work of MDNP staff to develop and implement a Montana newspaper portal.  Design standards, guidelines, and workflow for the project.  Establish digitization and metadata requirements.  Design or oversee delivery mechanism for newspaper content.
  • Provide technical expertise and support for digital projects and data initiatives throughout the MHS.
  • Act as the primary contact to the Montana Memory Project, ensuring MHS needs are met.

Access to Digital Collections and Outreach:                                                                         
  • Establish and maintain policies, workflows and procedures that support and build accessibility to all MHS digital materials.
  • Provide training to the wider library, museum and archives communities on digital projects.
  • Assist MHS staff in teaching the public to use all MHS online resources.
  • Collaborate with related staff in the Research Center and the MHS to ensure consistent access to born digital and digitized resources for staff and patrons.
  • Participate in the MHS Social Media committee, providing in-depth knowledge on use of new technology in social media and website projects.  Suggest and assist in implementing strategies for the preservation of social media and website digital assets.

Oversee the Operations of the Digital Projects Section:                                                               
  • Manage one of four sections of the Research Center program, providing leadership on budget development and management.  Set long and short-term goals for the Digital Projects Section.  Develop, implement, and monitor progress towards the completion of those goals.
  • Supervise the daily work and schedules of Digital Projects Section staff, including overseeing and approving staff work projects, setting priorities for long and short term projects; reviewing work for accuracy, efficiency, and timeliness;  ; and conducting annual performance appraisals.
  • Gather and analyze statistics on social media, website use, and digital content use for the MHS.  Provide recommendations for updates and changes to the MHS Social Media and Website committee and the Research Center Manager based upon statistics.

Public Reference and Outreach                                                                                               
  • Respond to a wide variety of inquiries from individuals, state agencies, professionals, educational groups, local organizations, film companies, journalists, publishers, and institutions by conducting research and providing the information in person, by phone, mail and email on a broad range of topics.


  • The Digital Projects Manager must have the following knowledge, skills and abilities:
  • Knowledge of digital repository systems, preservation of digital assets, and digitization standards.  Direct experience with CONTENTdm is preferred.
  • Knowledge of and experience with best practices for converting analog materials to digital format.
  • Knowledge of digital preservation best practices and a familiarity with current technologies commonly used in data management projects.
  • Knowledge of metadata principles and an understanding of controlled vocabularies and taxonomies.
  • Knowledge and experience with a variety of computer operating systems, storage system and file formats.
  • Knowledge of U.S. and/or Montana history is preferred.
  • Ability to successfully manage projects, prioritize work, and identify and solve problems.
  • Ability to initiate and maintain cooperative working relationships with co-workers, supervisors, and managers.  Ability to work as a team player, thrive in team-based environment and skilled in fostering teamwork among others
  • Ability to place smaller projects into the overall vision and goals of the MHS
  • Familiarity with standard for description and preservation of special collections holdings including EAD, MARC, MODS, METS, XML, DACS, RDA and PREMIS
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.

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