Digital Public Humanities Fellowship (Post-Doc)

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Created: March 13, 2015


The John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage and the
Department of American Studies, Brown University, seek a postdoctoral fellow in the Digital
Public Humanities. Digital humanities often results in projects open to the public, and public
humanities work increasingly takes advantage of digital tools to reach and interact with broad
audiences. We seek a postdoctoral fellow to help explore the connections between the two

The candidate should have experience in publicly-engaged humanities work (in a gallery,
library, archive or museum; community arts organization; school; social justice project, for a
few examples) and demonstrated digital skills relevant to humanities research, teaching,
community engagement, and/or publishing. S/he should be both a practitioner and a
thoughtful critic and theoretician with an active research agenda and a public practice. We
seek a generalist who might specialize in any of a range of digital humanities methods or
technical practices, but be able to teach and consult across the whole range of the digital

The fellow will teach in the Master’s of Public Humanities program; help connect the American
Studies Department and the Center for Public Humanities with digital humanities on campus
and nationally; and provide consultations for faculty, students, and community partners on
research and public projects. We expect that such activities will constitute half of the fellow’s
time, with half available for their own research and projects.

Brown’s American Studies department maintains flourishing programs at the undergraduate,
MA, and PhD levels; has a faculty involved in national and international digital projects; and
has taught digital courses for several years. The Center for Public Humanities has built a
strong reputation for programs that connect university humanities expertise with broader
audiences, community-based arts and humanities, and in training students for work in a broad
range of cultural organizations. The public humanities program has been moving aggressively
to incorporate digital work into its courses and projects. This postdoctoral fellowship is a fulltime
salaried appointment ($50,000) with excellent benefits and research/project support funds
each year. It is open only to recent Ph.D. recipients; the fellow must have completed all
requirements for the Ph.D. by September 2015 and no earlier than June 2011. The
appointment will be for two years.

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