Systems Application Developer

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Created: February 6, 2015


The University of Kentucky Library Information Technology Department is seeking a creative Systems Application Developer to design and write software to improve internal business operations and enhance customer services. The Systems Application Developer will write and implement code for complex software systems on a variety of hardware and operating system platforms, and will also be responsible for some database design and administration. The position is responsible for writing applications and APIs which provide for the flow of information between the Library’s Integrated Library System, ALMA, and the University’s Enterprise System, SAP, based on the standards required of each system, and to meet the business service requirements of the institution as a whole. Working in cooperation with the members of the Library system, the Programmer will also be involved in the creation and implementation of new library customer services.

Skills / Knowledge / Abilities
Computer Programming in OOP language like PHP,Java, C, also know UNIX shell, MySQL, and LAMP environment.

Preferred Education/Experience
Prefer at least a 4 year degree in Computer Science with at least 2 years experience developing software.


Published: Friday, February 6, 2015 19:27 UTC

Last updated: Tuesday, February 28, 2017 23:42 UTC