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Created: October 3, 2014


Duties: The archivist is responsible for metadata and cataloging of video archived in the library's permanent collection. This essential information enables accurate retrieval of images for CNN production, affiliates and other business purposes. Archivists catalog content archived from news production systems, and are involved with receipt, inventory control, selection, archiving and weeding of CNN field content on tape and digital media. The archivist contributes to the Library's tape digitization process by preparing tapes for digitization and weeding material not suitable for permanent archiving. Provides metadata quality control and cleanup of database records originating outside the library. Mines for metadata in various newsroom systems or provided by production units involved with the creation of the content. Following asset management policies, writes descriptive narratives of visuals, abstracts of editorial context, and adds accurate and complete metadata to key database fields. Applies basic indexing terms using the Library's controlled vocabulary to enable quick and accurate retrieval of Library assets. May provide video reference service and participates occasionally on special project teams. Involves manual shifting and moving of tapes. Other duties as necessary to support Archiving in times of breaking news or staff shortages.

Qualifications: Bachelor's Degree required. Attention to detail, flexibility, and able to respond to fast-paced environment. Ability to lift and move videotapes and boxes (20lbs). Ability to prioritize and meet deadlines. Excellent communication skills and ability to work independently. Current events interest and news awareness a must.

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